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62C B1 Preliming Double Electrodes Control computer


62C B1 Preliming Double Electrodes Control computer


Product Description:


Features of Preliming  Autocontrol system Computer:

Its 8 inch Bilingual TFT LCD touching screen operates easily.

Keep Record of Production Curve & data referable and printable at any time.

Adopt with communication technology RS232/RS485.

Out put Currency: 4-20 mA.

Operable by merged DCS with supported MODBUS protocol.


The Juice flow control keeps juice PH value uniform.

Its electrode automatically provides juice heating to enhance accuracy while testing the PH value.

Its auto-control ensures uniform and stabilized cane juice flow to process by adjusting the lime flow and/or phosphoric acid flow for the raw sugar cane juice.

Its control maintains PH value almost constant of sugar cane juice.

Its control improves juice clarification significantly.

Its control provides better mud setting

Its control stabilizes the boiling house process in total.



1. PH Measuring Range: 0.00 pH ~14.00 pH

2. PH Measuring Tolerance: Electronic Unit: ≤±2% ±1

2. Temperature of Measured Mediator: 41℉~167 ℉ (5℃ ~70 ℃)

3. Displaying Resolution: 0.01 PPI

4. Mode: Continuous Working

pH auto control system for sugar mills
pH value controlling are recognized as a difficult problem in cane juice clarification in sugar processing, also it is a indispensable parameter that influence finished sugar quality. In the past, the operator in sugar industry usually controlled pH value manually to adjust milk lime flow and clean the electrode, in such situation milk of lime is controlled imprecisely, obviously the result didn't reach to the demand for sugar industry. However, it is solved excellently by application with our Auto control system, the pH value is controlled within the tolerance of ±0.2. This system adopts of Automatic glass double-electrodes interchanging technology and auto working mode, non-interference, compare with other similar control system, efficiency is enhanced by over 50%. Hereafter, the Automatic PH-control system is the first consideration in sugar process, mineral separation and environmental protection with strict accurate ph control demand.


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