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pH Auto-control system for Netralization


 pH Auto-control system for Netralization


Product Description:


Automatic PH control system  for Preliming Neutralization .

For over 30 years, HC autocontrol systems in PH/LIMEMILK/SURLPHATE/PHOSPHORIC ACID auto-control in sugar industry have achieved greatly to dominate domestic sugar mills, our pH control systems and DCS applied popularly in all the over 300 sugar plants in China.
Commonly the system consisted of PH control system control computer with LCD touching screen/elctronic lamb display, glass double electrodes measuring device with automatically exchanging probes and self-cleanning function, high accuracy stepping executive valve with double flow outfalls , juice flow cooler.
The advantages of our automatic control system listed as below:
1. Applied with HC patented measuring device. It automatically cleans the auto-exchanged electrodes during continuously on line measuring at the same point , keeping one working while the other under cleaning automatically, intelligently avoid the incorrect measuring value due to the filter of electrodes , also resolves the filter cleaning problem of the electrodes for the sugar mills. It's only necesary to change the acid liquid for electrodes within 1-2 weeks.
2.  Applied with HC patented stepping control valve with high accuracy and short react time. The motor driven valve with special design on flow volume control and anti-block function with gradual openning valve with as much as 2% adjusting at least, it ensures the highly accurate media volume related with pH control.
3.The control computer which controling the valve and electrodes on line, applied with LCD touching screen and double-CPU core is easy operating, bylingual . background with OEM brand service is upon different requirement.
 Besides the online reading measuring value and adjusting according certain pH value pre-set, the system keep record data and curve record for last 15 days, available to check at any time.

4.The Juice flow control keeps juice pH value uniform stable after crashing process. It reatly enhance the pH stability comparing to the record curve as attached between manual control and automatic control.


Its electrode automatically provides juice heating to enhance on-line measuring value accuracy while testing the pH value.


5.Its auto-control over lime milk or phosphate acid ensures uniform and stabilized cane juice flow to process by adjusting the lime flow and/or phosphoric acid flow for the raw sugar cane juice.

6.Its control maintains PH value almost constant of sugar cane juice.

7.Its control improves juice clarification significantly.

8.Its control provides better mud setting .

9.Its control stabilizes the boiling house process in total.


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